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Higher Mountain Soup Company

Would you like a food choice to fill your belly AND tantalize your tastebuds? Try these all-natural, gourmet soups featuring familiar seasonings from around the globe. Every soup is hand-crafted and kettle-cooked in small batches to ensure optimum nutritional value and freshness. Try it once and you will be back for more!

White Russian Borscht (GF)

This is the Doukhobor-style borscht that started us off and is still our most popular soup today! Vegan | Gluten - Free

Mexico Chipotle Corn Chowder (GF, Vegan)

A fiery (non-GMO) corn chowder that is good for your body AND your taste buds! Vegan | Gluten - Free | Low Fat

Moroccan Pea (GF, Vegan)

This delicious soup combines split peas, yams, tomatoes, ginger and whole peas with an array of North African spices. Vegan | Gluten - Free | Low Fat | High Fibre

Zimbabwe African Peanut & Yam (GF, Vegan)
Ginger, tomato, peanuts, yams and a touch of lemon make this fantastic soup one of our flavour favourites! Vegan | Gluten - Free

New Mexico Ancho Black Bean (GF, Vegan)

Big, bold Southwestern flavours with a hint of molasses and finished with cilantro. Vegan | Gluten - Free | Low Fat | High Fibre

India Golden Curried Lentil (GF)
A superb blend of red lentils, chickpeas & potatoes. This soup is an authentic blockbuster! Butter | Gluten-free

Ireland Roasted Garlic & Potato Chowder
Leeks & onions simmered in Guinness, along with russet and red potatoes and a hint of fennel & dill is velvety perfection.

Tunisia Ginger, Carrot & Whole Wheat Couscous

A delightfully creamy carrot & ginger soup with tomatoes and finished with cilantro.

Thailand Red Curry With Coconut & Lime (GF, Vegan)

A full-flavoured, exotic soup that will please anyone who wants to go to Thailand on a tight budget! Vegan | Gluten - Free

Tuscan Country Vegetable (GF)
A tomato cream broth loaded with all the good stuff: spinach, kidney beans, carrots, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, onions & garlic. Dairy | Gluten - Free

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